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12-Port High Speed SpaceWire Router
Category Hardware
Subcategory SpaceWire
Version Rev C
Name 12-Port SpaceWire Router with 300 Mbps Links
Description PnP Innovations, Inc has developed several key avionics components to support modular spacecraft design. One such component is the SpaceWire (SpW) router, which can serve as the primary network data router for data network implementations.

SpaceWire is a packet based communications protocol standardized by the European Space Agency. Designed specifically for use on board spacecraft, it has gained increasing acceptance from the space community.

Included with the router is a Router Monitor GUI for Windows, which unobtrusively allows for monitoring link conditions inside the router. With the use of the Router Monitor, a total of 14 parameters per port are captured and reported upon request. The statistics are collected in the background and do not in any way affect router performance.

PnPI has incorporated several features into our routers which distinguish it from competitors. These features include two types of timers for detecting stalled endpoints, store and forward capability for improved performance, and the ability to multi-cast packets to multiple destinations (without re-transmitting).

PnPI’s router costs less than our competitors, but offers more in performance and capabilities.

Router Monitor Software
Spec Sheet

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