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Dual SpaceWire Plug-and-Play Interface Card
Category Hardware
Subcategory SpaceWire
Version x4
Name Dual SpaceWire Plug-and-Play Interface Card
Description PnP Innovations, Inc has developed several key avionics components to support spacecraft data communications and simulations. In order to accommodate ground based testing and integration support, a single PCIe based computer board was developed which integrates two key areas of system design by providing a network entry point for SpaceWire (SpW) and Timing Synchronization.

The SpaceWire port provides a standard SpaceWire network connection. Time synchronization provides a method for sending or receiving a 1 to 1000 Hz synchronization pulse which can be coupled into PC based simulations via an interrupt.

This board leverages off the popular single port version of this card, but exchanges the asynchronous serial channels for an additional high performance SpaceWire port.

Driver Software (32-bit)

Driver Software (64-bit)

Dual PCIe User Guide

RMAP Extension Library User Guide
Spec Sheet

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