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Gen3 Payload ASIM (32-bit rad hard ASIC)
Category Hardware
Subcategory ASIM (Advanced Sensor Interface Module)
Version 1.1
Name Gen3 Payload ASIM (32-bit rad hard ASIC)
Description PnP Innovations has developed a radiation hardened, high performance ASIM suitable for a variety of spacecraft missions. The unit is equipped with enough functionality to operate as a main processor, or function as an edge processor and handle multiple sensor interfaces. This design has taken a modular approach, with a separate Power Module supplying power to the system. At the heart of the unit is the Processor Module, which includes a SPARC V8 based LEON3 processor with three SpaceWire ports. The bulk of the sensor interface occurs with the IO Module, which provides a wealth of interface options for controlling multiple sensors. Additional custom modules may be readily added to the system via the PCI expansions bus. Support for standard C/C++ compilers allows for interfacing to standard or custom networks.

PnPI has developed several expansion cards to interface with custom circuit. These cards include a general IO card, and a propulsion interface card.

The Gen3 ASIM consists of laboratory units, as well as a 100krad flight unit designed for the most stressing environments (utilizes rad hard QML-V components).
Spec Sheet

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