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Data Manager
Category ASPIRE
Subcategory Manager Applications
Description The SDM Data Manager (DM) is responsible for enforcing the data aspects of the SPA standards. It manages the registration and de-registration of SPA-compliant components (hardware and software) by receiving their eXtensible Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (xTEDS). Each xTEDS is parsed and used to extend a dynamic database that represents the aggregated capabilities available within the PnP system. The DM also facilitates data queries from components wishing to find and form data relationships with other components in the system. Matches to queries, consisting of references to the network location of providers that can satisfy the request, are provided to the requestor, which then has the option of subscribing to any or all of the identified sources. The DM then acts as data broker, facilitating the subscriptions and then stepping to the side so that point-to-point data messaging is established between the producers and consumers. The Data Manager was developed by USU SSL.

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