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Gen2 ASIM (8-bit Microcontroller)
Category Hardware
Subcategory ASIM (Advanced Sensor Interface Module)
Version Rev C
Name Gen2 ASIM (8-bit Microcontroller)
Description The second generation of the ASIM (Gen2) is implemented using radiation tolerant components. Laboratory boards are available for experimentation and lab use and have an easy and seamless upgrade path to radiation tolerant flight qualified boards. At the heart of the ASIM is an FPGA embedded 8051 microcontroller along with various peripherals coded into the FPGA fabric. The Gen2 design features several improvements over previous ASIM designs including: additional program code memory, isolated power converter, RS422 signaling support, non-volatile user space memory, and improved SpaceWire network interface.

The ASIM contains a self-defining data sheet, the xTEDs. The xTEDS is tailored to each component depending on the specific capabilities. It contains the data products generated, types of commands supported, and services provided by the sensor. Delivered with the ASIM is a complete software library to ease interfacing of the ASIM with the component. The ASIM library contains modules for the component side interface, as well as skeleton code for a turnkey implementation of a SPA compatible system.

Gen2 ASIM User Guide
Spec Sheet

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