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ASPIRE is a middleware software system which provides self-configuration and self-discovery capabilities to applications, sensors, and any other network device. It is designed to match data consumers with data producers with no inherent knowledge of the particular devices. PnPI has ported ASPIRE to a variety of software platforms.
PnPI has developed numerous activity agents for SPA. These agents perform a variety of specific functions and have been tested on SPA hardware for compliance.
PnPI has a wide array of flight & laboratory product offerings including a family of ASIMs, SpaceWire, Embedded Compute Nodes, PowerHubs & TT-SPA devices. PnPI manufactures high performance SpaceWire Routers (including flight qualified models), ASIMs enabled with SpaceWire, cPCI cards, and PCIe based SpaceWire cards. PnPI also manufactures a family of ASIMs, from small ASIMs suitable for CubeSats, to 100 krad flight ASIMs utilizing QML-V screened components.
PnPI offers lab grade hardware and software to gain familiarity with SPA fundamentals. The lab grade hardware includes ASIMs, TT-SPA boxes, while the software tools offering includes FSWIL (Flight Software in the Loop) and HWIL (Hardware in the Loop) applications.

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