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Category Hardware
Subcategory TT-SPA & SM-SPA
Version v2
Description TT-SPA & SM-SPA house a PowerHub and SpaceWire router with 10 SPA-S endpoints. Adding a SpaceWire based PnP Interface card (PCIe form factor) and interconnecting cabling provides an integrated development capability. TT-SPA also provides support for Test Bypass Interface. Each exposed port can be connected to a SPA-S compliant device (e.g. ASIM). This can include sensors, actuators, processing nodes, or additional TT-SPA’s to extend the SPA-S network to support a greater number of devices. The PCIe card bridges data messaging from the external SpaceWire network into a test workstation so that PnP devices may be integrated with development and test tools such as SDT Data Browser. PnP software modules may also be run on the host PC or PnP Processing Node– interacting with simulation-resident device models or with real hardware residing on the TT-SPA physical network. Using the Test Bypass protocol, the simulation may be used to supply test data to each attached device so that coordinated “day-in-the-life” style testing may be conducted.

The TT-SPA is offered in a laboratory (TT-SPA) or a flight enclosure (SM-SPA). The SM-SPA is designed to mount on a 5cm grid pattern on PnPSat style panels.

Integrated Into PnP Computing Testbench
Spec Sheet

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