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Network Adapter
Category ASPIRE
Subcategory Manager Applications
Description An SDM NetworkAdapter (NA) allows the SPA IP-based messaging protocol to be bridged to non-native IP subnets. The original SDM Sensor Manager (SM) component facilitated the bridging of the SPA message standard to a simple Appliqué Sensor Interface (ASI) protocol that could interact with very simple devices over a USB network. This SM construct provided a convergence function between devices that could not support the SPA protocol and the SDM management modules. Gen1 (and later) ASIMs do support SPA-S (Spacewire transport) messaging, so it possible to support a direct dialog between SDM and SPA endpoints. To accomplish this, however, depends on the use of a network bridging function that facilitates the transport of IP-based messaging over Spacewire. This is accomplished by a Network Adapter residing on a processing node. The NA understands how to map between IP addressing and the addressing of the subnet (a prepending of routing bytes to the datagram in the case of Spacewire). There may be multiple NAs supported by a node - one for each hosted subnet interface.

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