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SPA Computing Testbench
Category SPA Development Tools
Subcategory SPA Testbench
Version v1
Name SPA Computing Testbench
Description The SPA Computing Testbench is an integrated bench-top environment to allow application developers to author, debug, and test PnP software modules. The physical setup consists of TT-SPA, PCIe SPA-S host interface card, ASIM Endpoint Simulators, and SPA Computing Nodes. The host machine facilitates early code prototyping with Flight Software In the Loop (FSWIL) capabilities allowing code modules to be tested against virtual spacecraft devices presented by Star Technology Corporation’s Spacecraft Design Tool (SDT). Fundamental issues such as proper component registration, data query convergence, and component message interconnection can be verified using a comprehensive set of interactive tools. Once prototype code is validated to satisfaction, those code modules may be migrated to a flight-like processing environment. Wind River’s Workbench™ platform is fully integrated with PnP Innovations’ SPA Computing Nodes. Applications may be dynamically loaded, debugged on flight-like targets while interacting with SPA devices over a SPA-S (SpaceWire) data network, and profiled with Workbench™ tools – providing full visibility into the system operation at the kernel, application, and processor levels. Because all network transactions occur across a system comprised of components that have a direct path to flight-grade SPA infrastructure and support hardware, the SPA Computing Testbench can be used to validate flight code with a high degree of certainty before it is transitioned to the flight system.
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